Mark Fine Elementary School

Contact Information

6635 W. Cougar Ave Las Vegas, NV 89139

Phone: (702)799-6882

Fax: (702)799-6889

Ms. Stephanie Taylor, Principal


Ms. Amy Johnson, Assistant Principal

Kindergarten - 5th Grade 9:10 am to 3:21 pm

Pre-K AM  9:10 am to 11:40 am 

Pre-K pm 12:50 pm to 3:21 pm

Soccer on the field
Soccer on the field

Student walking on the balance line
Student walking on the balance line

Learning with movement
Learning with movement

Soccer on the field
Soccer on the field


2021-2022 Fine ES Registration

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Upcoming Dates

Fine ES Office Hours 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

07/21  Fine ES Front Office opens for 21-22 school year

08/06  Annual Fine ES Meet and Greet1:30-3:21

08/09  First Day of School

Mission & Vision

Mission - Mark Fine Elementary School lays the foundation for social and academic growth, develops personal responsibility and designs positive goals for the success of our students and their future.

Vision - We are a community of FINE citizens igniting a successful mindset for learning and inspiring FINE citizens to achieve their personal best every day, in every way.

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Fine Families:


So many great things happen each and every day, we needed a dedicated space on our website to share them!  We believe in sharing and celebrating positive thoughts and happenings daily at Fine Elementary.  Do you have a positive comment or compliment to share about our school, our students or our staff?  Please fill out the form below and your comments will be shared with our staff.  We will also post comments on our website to keep our focus on the great things that happen daily within our FINE community.

Don't forget...Tell me something FINE!

My child's kindergarten teacher is amazing.  She is so helpful and sweet.  Great job to all the teachers and staff for all of their hard work and dedication.  We appreciate you so much.

My son is loving his Google meets.  Even though it isn't ideal, he is learning and, more importantly, loving school.  All of his specials have been amazing, too!  I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Mark Fine staff!

My child's pre-K teacher is so special and compassionate.  I admire and appreciate her so much.  She takes her time and even though our at home classroom has challenges, she engages with the whole class.  We are so lucky to be in her class.

Thanks! Message sent.

Campus Portal provides detailed, real-time information about your child's attendance, grades, etc.

Our school uses Class Dojo to communicate with parents and motivate students to do their best.

Students will use the Clever app to access Canvas and other online resources.